Ship personnel

We deliver skilled maritime resources to all ship types in Norway and world wide.


Through quality, safety and experience, we ensure that the resources has relevant and required skills, good attitude and good references.

- Captains

- Chief Officers and senior DPO's

- Deck Officers and jr. DPO's

- Chief Engineers

- 1st Engineers

- Engineer Officers

- Electrical Engineer Officer

- G5 offshore craneoperators

- Pumpmen for chemical-/gas-/oil

- Bosuns

- AB's and OS's

- Motormen and oilers

- Chief Stewards

- Chief Cooks

- Catering personnel

- Deck and Engine cadets

- Apprentices for deck-/engine-/electro

- Other resources as required

Personnel for aquaculture

Our goal is to provide experienced resources to the maritime industry and deliver customer satisfaction through high quality and cost effective solutions.


Do not hesitate to contact us for a conversation about what we can assist with.

Other personnel

-   Land based business

-   Wind power

-   Renewable energy

-   Oil and gas