Service Engineers

We are commited in supplying highly skilled resources on request for repairs onboard vessels and in shipyards worldwide. Our resources are skilled in overhauling all types of naval engines, diesel generators, hydraulic systems, boilers, condenseres, cargo and ballast pumps.

In addition we have experienced fitters to carry out replacement of a large variety of pipes onboard vessel and to ensure the fine-tuning of onboard instrumentation systems and automation. We also provide teams for cleaning, blasting, surface treatment and maintenance of systems onboard vessels.

- mechanical fitters

- pipe fitters

- electricians

- fitters

- steel workers

- coded welders

- platers

- riggers

- fabricators

- scaffolders

- insulators

- boiler makers

- painter blasters

- tank cleaners

Shipyard personnel

Our company aim to provide experienced resources for shipyard services ensuring customer satisfaction through quality services and cost effective solutions.​

- design engineers

- project managers

- naval architects

- estimators

- dock masters

- dock engineers

- steel work foremen and chargehands

- rigger foremen and chargehands

- hull treatment foremen and chargehands

- pipe foremen and chargehands

- mechanical foremen and chargehands

- scaffolder foremen and chargehands

- dock motormen

- dock electricians

- yard electricians for electrical maintenance and installation of new electrical and automation equipment

- coded welders for electric arc, argon og CO2 welding


Prior to joining the project on location, our welders are tested (electric, arc, argon and CO2 coded) and certified as per Clients' requirement for certain welding jobs according to their welding spesifications.

All materials subject to test and inspection are to be to the satisfaction of the Surveyor and in accordance with International Rule requirements.

Our shipyard services include

- steel fabricators for steel structures on ships for new buildings and repairs

- riggers for docking block arrangements, docking manouevring and weights handling

- blasters and painters for vessel hulls, decks, superstructures, tanks and different parts and surfaces

- pipe fitters and boiler makers for maintenance of existing piping systems or installation of new piping systems and boiler systems

- mechanical fitters to repair engines, valves, pumps, blasting or painting machines and deck installations

- scaffolders for scaffoldings in tanks and around the superstructures and roof